Gathered from the honeycomb, propolis is a powerful health supplemental food, and is known to be an antibacterial substance or antioxidant food. 
From the recordings of ancient Greece and Rome, it has been used as prevention and healing of desease, and in the Eastern European regions, its medical use has been under a research from early on. It was since 1985 in Japan that the item rapidly started gaining more attention.
Propolis is a natural herbal medicine that comes from the bees. It is one of nature's best sources of bioflavonoids, providing strong antioxidant support and enhances body’s immune systems, as well as appreciated to cure and prevent disease.

How Propolis works
Many researches have been reported on this substance;

  • Eliminates activated oxygen which advances aging process and is the cause of illness.
  • Boosts immunity to overcome illness.
  • Kills viruses and bacteria.
  • Suppress inflammation of all sorts.
  • Fights cancer and ulcer.
  • Soothes pain.
  • Stop bleeding, serves as a coagulation agent.

Propolis is a natural herb and it is not categorized as a pharmaceutical medicine. However, it is reported to have an inhibitory action against inflammation causing bacteria and viruses such as common cold. Many who use propolis comment, “I don’t catch a cold ever since I started taking propolisâ€


Propolis Capsule
Natural antibiotic agent in convenient capsule form. 500mg-100 caps
Propolis Tincture Reg.
Propolis concentration is 50%, and it is the highest in the market. It has the same effect as powder or capsule forms, so it can be taken just to increase body's immune power.1 fl oz